Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time to Name NAMES!

This morning I heard that the Congress voted to discontinue the practice of labeling what country supplies us with the meat we buy.  That’s right my friends, some of the things we eat, including meat come from other places. And those other places don’t have the same guidelines (health wise) as we do right here in the good old USA.  Not that we know everything about where anything comes from but surely, just as we should know if there are steroids in the tuna that comes from Hondrikava (don’t bother to try to find it.)  We should also know if the chicken comes fro Mistagaburnia, (don’t look for that place either). But you get what I’m saying. We need to name Names!

Aren’t you tired of playing the political party blame game?  I want to know which morons talk about the sanctity of the veterans, and then cut funding for everyday expenses, education, housing, and health care.  It’s time to name Names.

There are people who want to do away with school lunch programs, after-school programs and activities and preschool and programs like Head Start.  They are the same people that want to cut foreign language programs because they think nobody needs them.  Mostly you don’t have to worry about football, but music and theater programs, gone in a flash.  And it doesn’t matter if the state administers a program or the Federal Goverment is in charge.  We need to name Names.

Take for example the city in which I live, Newburgh, New York.  The town is totally broke but the taxes keep increasing.  The poverty level is staggering, but there are only a few initiatives to change that -- and those are private. Who’s making money from the poverty?   And who is benefiting from the poverty business?   What yahoos in the City Council or the real estate industry are keeping the poor people, poor and raising the taxes yearly?  People want to buy the grand old homes in the historic district that have gone to ruin, but the taxes are so high, very few people can afford to do that.  Someone is responsible for this  and we need to name Names. 

Anyone who wants to join the “name Names” effort just let us know with your comments.

My name is Iris and I will take responsibility for any decisions I make that have consequences. So should all the people that want to benefit from some outrageous decision in the government (local or national). Those people don’t want you to know who they are but we need to start to name Names…   We’re just sayin’…. Iris


Anonymous said...

Iris, email me. The friend you met in key west. Mike

deborah sergi said...

my name is Deeboah Kaplan Sergi.....let's name names

deborah sergi said...

please approve my name