Friday, February 08, 2013

Storm of the Century? Which Century?

There is no shortage of hype about  “THE STORM OF THE CENTURY.”  It probably doesn’t matter but, last month we had another storm of the century.  And sometime last summer we had a hurricane,  that was also described as the storm of the Century. It’s a great many storms of the Century for only thirteen years of a century.  Let’s not nit pick.  Today is truly going to be the storm of the Century. 

 9 hours into the Storm, and this is what we have
Two days ago was Jordan’s birthday of the century.  There was no other birthday that had such an impact.  Except maybe Zak’s birthday, which was also the birthday of the Century.  Wait a minute, there was Rosie’s birthday, it’s a close call – that could very well have been the birthday of the Century. 
 and still the snow arrives
What does someone do when there is a storm of the Century?  In Virginia, whenever two flakes fell, everyone rushed  to the supermarket and cleaned out the eggs, milk and bread.  Sometimes they bought all the water – and in Virginia, because you can buy wine in the market, there was also a shortage of drinkable alcohol. The most stunning thing about snow in the Mid Atlantic, is that it’s not unusual for it to snow.  But every year the government seemed totally surprised.  Actually, in the DC metropolitan area, weather of any kind, (two cold, too hot, too rainy), sent people into a tizzy.  There were one or two storms of the last Century, and since they aren’t prepared to plow, people couldn’t get out.  Sometimes for days or sometimes the temperature would reach 50 degrees. Immediately after the storm, so the snows of that century just disappear.. 

When you have a home in moderately northern New York, bad or snowy weather is not unexpected. People do stock up on food, and water and they fill their gas-tanks, but generally there is no hysteria.  Having been through a number of storms of the Century, people behave in a more composed and adult manner – and the snow removal people, do know how to remove the snow.  Almost no one thinks they will never ever get out of their houses.

Moving on (almost), in order to avoid being bored, I  made a bread of the Century and a soup of the Century.  I did not declare a state of emergency and close my kitchen.  There is enough food for a month.  I’m just hopeful that my cousins of the Century will be able to come over and pick up the surplus.  Not because they have to trudge through the storm of the Century, but because it’s wet and cold. 
please note: this IS the Challah of the Century

To be honest, I am hopeful that the cold of the Century, will kill all of the pesky bugs and spiders that didn’t die last year, when there was a dearth of storms of the Century. David is presently going through his pictures of the Century and paying our bills of the Century.  There are reports of heavy traffic in the NY tunnels of the  Century and on the highways of the Century.  But it’s Friday at rush hour, and there is always a weekly backup of the Century.
the soup of the Century

While it’s true that I get tired of repeated bad news – like the murder of the Century, or the dumbest congress of the Century – weather is weather and no one needs to hear about it on the news 24/7.  But since there’s no news anymore, just entertainment. When there is any change in anything, all the networks cancel their regular programming and just hope that the winds of the Century will blow hard enough to cause the blackout of the Century, and that there will be a disaster of the Century, which will give them something to talk about tomorrow, when the storm of the Century ends.   We’re just sayin’…. Iris

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