Tuesday, April 10, 2012

apples and oranges -- oil and water?

Some would say it’s apples and oranges – you be the judge.

Gas prices are out of control. Every week we hear that they have peaked and will start to go down. But they just keep going up. If the President would simply suggest that he’s going to okay the pipe line from Canada. Repeal oil subsidies. Go into the oil reserves. Or allow additional drilling in the Gulf, you would see the prices drop - really drop. He actually doesn’t have to do anything. Just the mere suggestion that he’s going to seriously consider an energy policy that deals with the realities of what exists now (solar power, and corn, are not part of that reality), prices would drop immediately.

Santorum dropped out today, so we don’t have to worry about lunatics in the White House. Romney will be the nominee. A failed Governor instead of a failed Senator. Is that the good news? So what better slogan for Obama then, “Geez, look who I’m running against”.

I don’t mean to be snarky, because I believe there is no choice but to support the President. But it is as worrisome as when Gore ran against Bush. What didn’t matter to the general public was that Bush was incompetent to be the President. (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). He had no sense of himself, history or a curiosity about the world. But it didn’t matter. He was a likeable backslapping guy, who if he drank beer, would have been a good choice for a beer partner. This is not the case with Romney. He is neither likeable, nor does he have nay clue about the way real people have to live.

But Obama, and all the VIP elected officials (VP, Speakers, rich people, etc) are also pretty out of touch. They have no idea what it means to chose between gas, food and medicine, because you can’t afford all. They simply have no idea how all the people, who are not elected officials, or the very rich, have to survive.

There I went digressing again, when none of this, (except not having a clue), is not what I want to blob about.

We had a friend that, rather then get up to see if there was any butter, would simply say, “is there any butter”, and expect someone – preferably female—to jump up and check to see. It was not malicious or sexist, it was just the way he was used to asking for something. We dealt with it by answering “I don’t know, is there any…?” Men are good at figuring out how to avoid tedious tasks. Someone told me about her husband who would take a wet cloth and wipe a single window sill, and say, “I just can’t stand to see dirt” When at the same time, he tracks mud into the bathroom, never wipes the tub down after a shower, and rather than actually look for something that appears to be lost, simply says “I can’t find it” Which means, “so you have to look for it”

What does this have to do with gas prices? Well, like the President, who has no idea how painful it is to fill a gas tank. Some men, have no idea what it means to delegate all the crappy tasks to their wives/partners. If they had to clean the house themselves, it would be a whole lot less likely that they would expect the cleaning, laundry, cooking,and looking, to be their beloved’s job. It’s not apples and oranges. It’s just when you don’t have to suffer any pain, you have no idea how painful any of this can be for someone who does. We're Just Sayin.... Iris

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