Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatz It Really About?

David didn't do the kind of excellent edit he usually does on my blobs. For the most part he keeps me out of trouble and prevents me from publishing something that only I think is funny. But his edit with this blob, was such that even I didn't know what I was talking about. And with that...

Politics: Who cares? And who is out of touch? If you can answer those questions, you can probably determine who might be the next President of the United States. In the realm if blah blah blah, Take for example, this non starter of an issue with which the media is anxious to hang Newt. (voting for someone who has a name that sounds a lizard, would be more of a reason to consider where your vote should go). Here's the bottom line, (or the middle line), as well as the difference between Newt and John E and John K. Unlike those two Presidential aspirants, who were totally out of touch with the American population, Newt did not spend $500 on a haircut, nor was he unable to answer a question about the number of homes he owns. No, quite the contrary. He wanted his wife to have nice jewelry, so he bought it on time. It's how Americans who cannot afford to buy luxury items all at once, shop for items they would like. so they buy on time, or on credit. Especially now, with this economy. And, especially since the desire for luxury items seems not to disappear as easily as everyone's money.

When Ronald Reagan ran for office I wrongly thought that he and Nancy were much too extravagant for a people who had elected Jimmy Carter. Was I wrong! (Maybe for the first time in my long, storied, and tortured political career.) They were elegant, glamorous, and threw lavish parties. They were movie stars. They lived the way we all wanted to live, and more importantly, they made (a large percentage of) the American people proud of their most treasured elected official.

At first we thought that Jimmy Carter was just like us. Which he my have been, on the surface. However, it turns out we don’t want “US” as leaders. It's something Al Gore never understood. Especially when he talked about the middle class and how "underprivileged" citizens aspired to be middle class. No they don't. That may be their inevitable reality. But everyone wants to be rich. To have buying power. To own things: their own home, a nice car, and yes, expensive jewelry. Oh, and maybe some food on the table and health insurance.

Are there people who think that Newt is out of touch? Sure there are. But these could be the same people who think that the problems of the Middle East would be solved if Israel would go back to the 1967 borders. Don't misunderstand, I only agree with Newt when he says something nice about my work, but we shouldn't underestimate his potential. So, who cares? And who is out of touch? Maybe we should all give that some thought.

We're just sayin'... Iris

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