Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No They Won't

This afternoon I heard a disturbing statistic. 31% of the People who support Obama say that they will vote for McCain rather than support Hillary. What does that tell you? Never mind, I’ll tell you what it tells me, because I am writing and you are not—and I mean that in the nicest possible way. If Hillary wins the nomination, and there is certainly serious question about her numbers, the people who say they will vote for McCain are most likely young independent voters. They were brought into the process because they wanted to believe there could be a change that would make their future better. They were inspired by the Obama rhetoric and the idea. My guess is that they will not vote—but they certainly won’t vote for McCain. No grown-up real Democrat would vote for anyone who would put another conservative on the Supreme Court or perpetuate the ongoing succession of incompetence in running the government.

The Pundits are still discussing the Reverend Wright. This time it is in the context of the Primaries tomorrow. The Chicago media is non-stop Wright and that is spilling over into Indiana. What could they possibly be saying that the people in Indiana haven’t heard? In case you are groping for an answer, the answer is nothing. So let’s look a little deeper into why it doesn’t stop. Why is it that people are still going to use Wright as a reason not to vote for Obama – if they need a reason.

There are a few possibilities. The first is obvious. They are racists and despite any explanation Obama might give, they will not vote for a person of color. Maybe that’s over simplifying, but there are misogynists and racists endlessly roaming the streets looking for a reason not to be co-opted by a man of mixed color or a woman who is nothing if not relentless. But those people are probably McCain supporters so they do not have impact on this primary. Another is what I blogged about yesterday. Obama hasn’t finished the sentence. He started with, ‘I am not Reverend Wright’ and that’s where it ended. But I think he needed to continue by saying, “Here’s who I am, and this is why you should vote for me”. There’s a third possibility. They believe what Hillary is saying about a gas tax break and they don’t want to admit it because it is so ridiculous. It is ludicrous to think the Congress will pass some law that will make the oil companies pay for any American to go on a holiday. The oil lobby and too many Congressmen are “slap on the back” pals. In case no one noticed, there haven’t been any hearings to address the issue of oil gouging. Hillary is in the Senate. Had she wanted to do something she would have asked for hearings. But nothing would have happened. It’s not like the gas crisis started last week – she had plenty of time to demonstrate how serious she was before the people in Indiana, North Carolina and Pennsylvania had to cast their ballots. Anyway, the Reverend Wright controversy provides a reason for them to vote for the spunky woman who apparently will never give up.

The candidates are tired. It shows in different ways. Hillary seems a bit strident—you can hear it in her voice. Obama is a bit lackluster, you can hear it in his voice as well. It seems this nasty race is never going to end. It reminds me of a scene from the movie “Gandhi”. The British were beating the Indians with sticks and rifles and whatever they had handy. The Indians were not fighting back. They just lined up, were physically abused, fell down and got back into line to take some more abuse. In the movie there was a reporter who was calling in the story—or maybe telegraphing it – but his description was “And still they came... on and on ...” That’s how I feel about the primaries: And still they go on and on... And Hillary – still her attacks go on and on. And here’s the last reason I think the Wright stuff is working. Obama doesn’t fight back. He has had plenty of opportunity. For example, when Hillary said, “I wouldn’t have stayed in the church listening to those sermons” He could have said, “and I wouldn’t have stayed with my wife if” ... well, you get the picture.

Obama has not had great training for the debates or many interviews. He has not learned that he does not have to answer all the questions he is asked. He needs to understand that you go with your strengths. You answer the questions that you want to answer and that meet your needs. Oh if only the candidates read my blog they would be so much wiser.

There are people who think that the primaries still matter. They don’t. No candidate is going to get the number they need before the Convention. What does matter? Harold Ickes is working the Duper Delegates. That matters. And the Clinton campaign no longer thinks the truth is more important than the win. Obama is surrounded by people who appear to still be running a local election, and the pundits are never going to sit down and shut up. No they’re not, no they can’t, no they won’t. We're just sayin... Iris


Sean C said...


I'm with you on a lot of your points, except for one.

I'm a young voter. I will vote. And if Hillary wins the nomination, no matter that she really shouldn't win the nomination, I will vote for McCain.

The Supreme Court reason isn't good enough. The Supreme Court is already tilted and has been since 2000. See Gore vs Bush.

Why do I vote for McCain? There is just no difference between Hillary and McCain except for two things. McCain/Feingold and his Vietnam service.

I like the New Republic's recent headline on Hillary's pursuit of the nomination. "No really you should go."

She should!

We're all wasting a lot of valuable time and energy dealing with this. My hope is for real change.

I guess I could always toss a coin in the general if Obama isn't the Democratic nominee...

Anonymous said...

You do know that there will be two and possibly three nominations to the Supreme Court during the next administration? Elect McCain and you seal a right-wing court for the lifetime of your son.

I support Obama over Hillary, but if she somehow steals the nomination (not likely) I would still vote for her in the general election.

If you think there is no difference between Hillary and McCain I think you are seriously under informed.

Anonymous said...

I,for one, am almost fe-up with the entire 'process'. One(meaning me) tends to think the debates,etc., is just another way to wear us down..only because they cannot waterboard us all in unison.

We've a great democracy, but in the long run we, the People do not matter, do we?? With the "Super Delegates",capes (and all else)flowing in the wind.."change", as Obama puts it will be within the hands of the puppetmasters, not we the voters.

The primaries, the so-called debates..a farce. **I also will toss a couple of coins to Obama, so he'll have some 'real' change..


Anonymous said...

Hillary has proven to me once again that it comes down to the 'Bubba Factor.'

She learned how to out Bubba Obama, but too late in her campaign to make any good.

When I look back on all the presidential election I'm older enough to remember, the fella who won always out Bubba-ed the other candidate.

Americans love a Bubba, much to their own detriment.

So look for McCain's Bubba bandwagon to start up when the Democrats end their silliness.

Vote for the Silly Party, not the Union Label. HA!

W Bubba

Anonymous said...

That's old enough, not older.

Man, I really am a bubba. HA!

Anonymous said...

Noticed your photo of the 2 young ladies at Disney World. While I'm not sure that these are your daughters, I can say for sure that the "Belle" in the photo is mine...
Small world!

Anonymous said...

Im NOT voting!!
Because not once have I heard anyone mention free chocolate malts for Canadians!!

Not once! Damn't!

(ah...and also because I cant vote because Im Canadian)

...Im Michael Harding...and I approve this message.

(Announcer): This message brought to you by the makers of Michael Harding and: the Associated Makers of Malted Milk Shake Makers of Lower Upper Old New York State,the Malted Union Workers of Mid-West South-Central North Carolina, and the Unified American Malt Farmers for the apporpriation of the Disorganised Canadian Malt Drinkers of Canada.


I say Obama and Hilary have a love-child, and y'all wait till it's old enough to run, problem solved.


Iris&David said...

to BELLE's dad or mom... that is really too too small a world... drop a note if you come by this site again..
david & iris
(and yes, those ARE our girls..
"Go Blue!")

Anonymous said...

I'm her father and was Googling when I happened upon your article and the photo attached...

"Belle" is a junior majoring in Mass Comm at LSU and is required to complete a one semester internship program. She applied and was accepted into Disney's College Internship Program, auditioned and was cast back in January. She'll return to school in August.

Concerning the article, your perception/description of "All Things Disney" is rather accurate and like you, most of us wish we too could become Governor of Disney! Its a small world after all!

Iris&David said...

Google, aside, that has to fall into the category of Small World. I ll pass the info onto the two girls (celebrating their 21st and 22nd birthdays that weekend).. im sure they ll approve...


david b.
and don't be a stranger to the Blob!

Anonymous said...

Iris and David:

Per your invitation, I read a number of entries and have found those with a political nature very interesting, and this coming from a conservative republican living along the bayous in southern Louisiana. With your resume of past presidential campaigns, you must personally know James Carville, with whom I can proudly say I have zero in common with other than attending the same university!

As for your fresh or saltwater delima, Gefilte is crafted mostly of Carp, which is a freshwater species. It does, however, unknowingly and involuntarily become a salt water species when placed in a glass jar and pickled with brine (salt) water....

I assume your new book is available nationwide(which sometimes means Louisiana too)? And since we no longer speak just French, perhaps a copy or two has made its way down here...

Anonymous said...

race aside, does it 'matter' to anyone that Obama had not achieved much in the senate, and that he'd gotten such a free ride from the media for so long?

perhaps not, except to those who of us who pay attention to such things.Such a pitty that a record of proven service means nothing in his case.

Iris&David said...

to BELLE's dad:

for the Gefilte Fish: Carp, Whitefish and Pike.. (the Pike, im told, is key).. otherwise its just another Quenelle that any good French chef could toss off in seconds. The new book should be in a store near you. OR>> always available on the ubiquitous www.amazon.com, search by name: Iris Burnett and you ll see all the stuff she's done (SYTYCBP, and Schlepper.. a book which Belle might enjoy).. best David B