Thursday, February 04, 2021

They Dont Make it Easy

 Yesterday i confessed that i had been stupidly upset about not getting a cover vaccine.  It’s just frustrating not to be as active as is possible in order to achieve success. But we actually have been actively pursuing all the possibilities — it’s just without much success.  That’s not what I want to blob about today.  

It’s worth mentioning that i probably have the most wonderful friends ever put on this planet. It has been difficult for me to find joy in their successful inoculations. And that’s the “no fairs’ .  of course I am delighted that they will be able to see friends and travel without the silly concerns th
ose of us who have not been stuck in the arm with some kind of element that wards off the virus that has caused this pandemic. 

Maybe it’s just the idea that I feel limited in my choices.  When someone tells you that you can’t have all the freedoms that existed for you a year ago, it’s a problem.  There has never been a time when anyone told me I couldn’t do something, it presented a challenge.  Whether it was staying out late or playing where we were not allowed to play as a kid, or functioning without mask in our now everyday life, it always presented or presents a challenge.  The new reality is that you have to wear a mask for your safety and the health of those with whom you hang out.  

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to mention in this blob.  My friends have been so great a comforting me, supporting me and try to make things seem better.  They know it drives me crazy when someone says, have you tried this or that.  Of course, we have tried everything.  
But they want to make it better, which no one can do other than the Publix Covid line.  
We will get there, I just have to remember to breathe.

We’re just sayin’...Iris

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Unknown said...

It's not easy. Nor fair.

Even with the vaccine, we're being told to continue to mask, social distance, wash hands...keep on with the precautions (SW Virginia, here). Still a lot of unknowns with the vaccines. And new virus variants which seem to be more easily transmitted.

Up here we have some people being told 'no shot today', or appointments being cancelled, they didn't get enough vaccine to give the shot. And some being called in for their second dose. I'd think it would make more sense to get most people the first dose, and second doses for those with higher exposure risk (there I go, thinking again!)

I hope you find a first dose soon!

--Jean Marie