Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Burn of the Bern

Who would ever have thought that not only would Donald Trump be the Republican nominee but that he would be a serious opponent. And who could imagine that Bernie Sanders, (the now angry old Jew from Brooklyn, I’m Jewish so I can say that), would still be in the race ?    Does the name Ralph Nader resonate?   At some point, when a person spends so much time campaigning to be President, their ego and perspective prevent them from thinking rationally. By this time I am sure they have negotiated a Bernie night at convention, as well as Bernie supporters on the platform committee. So, at this point why is he still presenting a political distraction, and anger at Hillary and the DNC. But that’s not what I wanted to blob about.

This morning, on Morning Joe, they showed the two new Hillary commercials. I don’t know who produced them but they are awful. (Personal opinion). Last semester one the groups of undergraduate students in my Presidential Politics class (Emerson College / LA)  produced a commercial for Marty O’Malley that was so good Marty asked if he could use it for future whatever. Here is the link,


The commercial was a great introduction to the candidate, but more than that, by the end of watching it you really felt like you knew him.  That you liked him. And that you would vote for him. Ok it was after he dropped out, but it was still terrific.

There is no reason for Hillary to be struggling at this point. Yes, she stayed in the race through
all the primaries in 2008. But once it became clear that Obama would be the nominee she did
the classy thing and asked her supporters to work for him. This was not easy. Presidential politics never is. But a great many Hillary supporters were not going to vote, and what a disaster that would have been.

During the Vietnam war there were a great many protests. People yelled and screamed and
despite National Guard murder of students at Kent State. But I have never seen that kind of disruption happen at a campaign event. Until now. The boo’s and chair throwing that we have witnessed at the Nevada Democratic convention are horrific, and even more important disrespectful. My guess is that Bernie really thinks he can swoop in and scoop up some super delegates. He might have been able to do this at some point before he went nuts, but not now. People are afraid of that kind of noise. And my other guess (two is better than one because your chances of being right increase), is that there is NO one in the Clinton campaign who has the guts to tell Hillary that, with a few tweaks, she can do better. If you want to hear about tweaks (not tweets), check in with us tomorrow. Right now I am going to stick my head in the oven and
hopefully, when I take it out, this will all have been a miserable nightmare.  We’re just sayin’…Iris

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