Thursday, March 31, 2016

The "Bureaucratic" Facts of Life

Here are the facts:

The United States government is a bureaucracy.  What does this mean. There is an Executive Branch, A Congress, and a Supreme Court. One person cannot do anything they want because there are checks and balances--and a great many people who only want to say No to whatever a President wants to do. Like build a wall and drag illegal immigrants back to their own country. Even if their own country  happens to be the United States of America. The Departments (State etc.) and 162 or more independent agencies, (National Endowment of the Arts etc.), are populated by civil servants, foreign service officers, and political appointees, The first two categories of the aforementioned categories, think it is their job to maintain the status quo. What does that mean?. It means that they hate change. They want nothing to change because as long as nothing changes, they don't have to adjust to anything new at their jobs. Of course there are exceptions, but I challenge you to name 10. I got all the way to seven.

The last category, or political appointee, serve at the pleasure of the President and it is possible for the civil servants or Foreign Service Officers, to make sure that no matter what the President wants them to do, it will be impossible to do it. There are exceptions, but they are also hard to find. If you find them they are probably people who started out as a political appointee and instead of having fun, when their President leaves office, they burrowed and have become a part of the bureaucracy they once despised.

Confused?  My point is coming right up.   If Dump wins, (you know who I mean), I predict, that because he won't be able to get anything done, he will resign.  Can you imagine him sitting in the Oval office with nothing to do.  Talk about dangerous. He doesn't need the perks that most Presidents, who are not billionaires, have available to them -- planes, security, on whom they can blame anything, staff and servants, often immigrants.  He will resign because it is only fun to be President when you can appreciate all the goodies.

No need to discuss a Cruz Presidency because he is not going to win --- he’s too mean, too nerdy, a liar and unpleasant.  And the Governor of Ohio should continue to be the good governor he thinks he is.  The brokered Republican Convention that Republicans are hoping for, if  Dump has the votes, he will be the nominee. Bernie --- who doesn’t love Bernie?  But unless Hillary gets indicted the numbers don’t work. It appears we are facing a Clinton-Dump race. And perhaps,  if the Republican wins, we are facing a mystery person Presidency. We're Just Sayin....Iris


Unknown said...

Very nice, and pertinent, I'd say. No one seems to have thought of these thing, least of all the Cable Commenters... Skip

Unknown said...

Very nice, and pertinent, I'd say. No one seems to have thought of these things, least of all the Cable Commenters? ... Skip