Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't Miss the Shows -- They Are Upcoming

Ah ha! You probably thought that the Burnetts, like all those other fly by night blobbers, had just disappeared. Not so loyal fans. We have just been overwhelmed by unpredictable events. David had some minor surgery, which in our family is never minor. A "procedure" is never minor. It's kind of like a "pause". How to explain?  A “pause" can be anything from a tooth ache to a heart attack. But it's never acknowledged as something serious.  Hence, a "pause". And hence a "procedure". Where exactly did the word "hence" come from? It has kind of a silly sound, like a chicken and a fence had a run in and .... Hence.

Anyway David is fine. We are producing three shows of “Gefilte Fish Chronicles - the Musical” in three different venues. The first was home territory in Newburgh at the Just Off Broadway theater. It was an amazing production and for the first time we realized that we have a Broadway quality show. Everything just came together. Music, book, actors, production team. Our next production is in Wayne NJ at the Rosen theater, which is at the YMCA/YWCA/JCC. It is our hope that all our Jersey friends will come and enjoy 90 minutes of laughs, tears, song, and frolic. The show is about the power of family — every family.
The Wayne show:
Wednesday, May 28 7:30 pm.
Wayne YMCA/YMHA, 1 Pike Dr, Wayne, NJ

So there's that. And just a few crises which are not worth mentioning because like a pause, and a procedure, they were nothing that requires anymore time than we've already spent.

That being said, consider this a place holder. We will be back in full force after the 11th of June when the Chronicles appear in Manhattan at the JCC on the Upper West side.  Hope to see you there or in Mistagaburnia (see the show you'll understand).  We’re Just Sayin’… Iris
           The New York show:
           Wednesday, June 11 8:00 pm. New York City, NY
           JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

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