Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enough is Enough

It seems I have written about this before, but given how entertaining I can be, does it really matter?  For new readers, let me quickly catch you up on what’s been going on.  I have spent an inordinate amount of time whining.  When is enough enough.  Today.
This blob will not be about me, enough about me, let’s talk about something else.  Don’t get excited, this is not a happy talk blob, it about politics.

It is hard to believe that 42 year old Paul Ryan, (fiscal conservative doesn’t begin), might be the next Vice President of the United States.  For those of us who have our roots in Presidential politics, we know it doesn’t matter because no one listens to the Vice President, however, it certainly sends a message—which is always the best reason to select someone who might be considered controversial.  If you consider wanting to get rid of “medicare as we know it” , or lowering taxes on the rich, controversial.  This might be a place where we can say enough is enough. But that would be too predictable.  Medicare seems to work OK.  It is probably one government program that does.  And the rich do not really need a tax break, because when they get one, (as exampled by the Bush cuts) they are always willing to share it with those less fortunate.  The old trickle down,  turned the economy around last time (360 degrees), and there is no reason to believe it won’t work again—except it won’t.  Trust me, I’m an expert, I know almost everything – especially when enough is enough.

This all feels too familiar.  When Gore ran against Bush, we all said that the Republicans made a big mistake selecting him. As it happens, they didn’t and Bush got to be President, not once, but twice.  People can say that Bush cheated or the chads didn’t work, but the fact is, it doesn’t matter. Bush was in the White House long enough to do real damage to the economy, and the nation’s mental health – war after war will do that. So when we look at the two, rather four opposing candidates, we see a picture painted by colorful rhetoric.  In the case of Paul Ryan, his speech was filled with pictures of a beautiful future.  The words and questions;  opportunity, leadership, courage, truth.  What kind of people do we want to be?  I know! I know! We all want to be rich and secure. And we all want to be cute and have cute children and grandchildren,

When Gore ran he insisted that people aspired to be in the middle class. No one aspires to be ordinary (which in effect was how people interpreted that). Kerry let the opposition make mincemeat of his war record. No one wants a Commander in Chief, who’s resume reads like chopped liver.  And the democrats  still don’t get it.  Candidates are defined by what people hear.  It doesn’t matter what they say, because what they say is meaningless once they get elected. 

President Obama is a good guy, who killed Ben Laden, he almost ended all our wars, and has been trying to jump start a devastated economy.  But what do we hear?  He has failed as a leader.  He has discouraged entrepreneurship, he has not made any progress in any area including putting people back to work, and (the last punch), he is not really an American. 

You would think that some genius in the White House would say enough is enough, and understand that circumstances (especially in the Congress), made it impossible to make any progress.  But, they still don’t know what  the Mayor of Chicago knew.  You cannot approach an enemy (and that’s what the Republican Congress has become), with an outstretched arm and an expectation of someone taking your hand.  You need to kick ass—which they had the opportunity to do before  the republicans drank the cool aid, (sorry tea),  and democrats were still in the majority.  The republican candidates are already saying, enough is enough, and it might just work.  The democrats, well if they don’t understand how to do that, and they can no longer ask my mother, then who knows. We're just sayin.... Iris


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David Hutson said...

Democrats haven't been able to fight back, with the possible exception of James Carville, since LBJ. They simply seem incapable of attacking and when a bully is allowed to run amok without a beat down, a bully is successful.
Hard to get excited about a party that allows itself to be trashed continually without a retort.

Howard said...

@David Hutson - and if we don't get excited, what happens. We need to light a fire under their asses. O said something about not responding to the radicals and progressives in his own party. Well, he damn well better!