Sunday, March 11, 2012


David decided that if I had a TV show, it would be called, “OH PLEEEEZE!”
The format would be me and one or two guests who would reveal sincere beliefs about contemporary topics. And I would comment on what they say. Here are a few examples:

1. One of the Virginia politicians who decided that a woman must have an internal sonagram before an abortion. And who also decided that a fetus has the same rights as all other citizens. Are the same people who refuse to grant gays and lesbians the right to marriage. So what does this mean?

Oh I know, right after the fetus vehicle (heretofore known as the mother) has an internal sonagram, that fetus can marry another fetus as long as it’s not the same sex. And Here’s when I get to comment. “OH PLEEEEZE!” A few more examples....

2. Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live last week. She is doing her best to show that she is rehabilitated and that she is worth someone taking a chance on her. (Lest we remember how many times Robert Downy Jr. Screwed up before he figured it out.) Anyway, she worked in the LA morgue and something must have scared the hell out of her. It doesn’t matter. What she said in every interview I saw was that she realized she couldn’t hang out in bars and with her old friends. So what do the old friends do in retaliation, they, and the Hollywood Press. savage her appearance on SNL. (Which is not an easy show to do). And Instead of being even somewhat admiring of the courage it takes to make a comeback at 26. They smear, what appears to be, her legitimate attempt to be clean and sober. “OH PLEEEEEZE” (You thought I was going to trash her didn’t you.)

3. The Republican candidates were in the south this week. Mitt acquired a southern drawl and said 'youall' any number of times. Then he referred to cheese grits as cheesy grits... which he loves very much. Hope someone tells him that in most places that serve grits, they are simply called cheese grits. They are not a delicacy. They are served instead of potatoes with breakfast, as a starch with shrimp, and as s staple in many many towns and cities across the US. Does he really think the American people don't see this show of food favorites as a political campaign tactic. OH PLEEEEEZE...

4. David took a picture of himself and put it on facebook. Something he does with great frequency. (I have been told by a number of people with good judgment, that his Facebook pic is too severe), Not to change the subject 145 people said they liked it. One Hundred and forty five people got on his page and told him they liked it. OH PLEEEEEZE

5. I will continue to OH PLEEEEEZE when the spirit or situation warrants it. All OH PLEEZES from guest blobbers are welcome. We're just sayin.... Iris

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"Mom, can I have the new KISS record?"

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