Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twists and Turns

Twists and Turns

The new television season is well into its second week and I’m not in love with anything new. Although, I have watched “The Event” twice, while intriguing, I haven’t a clue as to what it is about. That’s not a bad thing. SciFi is one of my favorite genres. It’s kind of like when I saw the latest “Star Trek” movie. If you asked me to tell you what it was about, or more specifically, give you a synopsis, I couldn’t do it. The only thing I knew was that I loved it. It doesn’t have to make sense. There were a great many people who felt the same way.

The thing is, I don’t want to start to love a series that is going to be cancelled. So, I like to give it at least a few weeks to see what happens. For example, “Lone Star” has pretty much ‘bit the dust’, “burned itself out” and ‘taken a hit’. It was tempting to tune in –there were some adorable guys playing ‘rough and tumble’ parts. “Law and Order,” to which I am clearly addicted, will survive in LA, but it doesn’t me. How much of a good thing can anyone stand? And NCIS is now broadcast as the same time as “Glee,” thank God I can record them. But that presents another problem. What happens when the recording device is full? As soon as I see 77% full, I get nervous and start to delete. But I want to watch everything I record so first I have to view the programs. Which means, I am up all night trying not to miss a thing.

The top shows for the week of September 20th, were Sunday and Monday Night Football. (Who watches them?) Then “Glee”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Modern Family”, followed by “Dancing With the Stars,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Family Guy” and “The Office” .I watch all of two of these and half of another. My favorite shows, “NCIS,” “Cold Case,” and “Bones” rank after 15 on the list of popular shows. They better not disappear!

If you ask most people how much TV they watch, they will say “not much” and they actually believe that. When I think about how much TV I watch, I never consider the things I tape of the programs that just happen to be on in the background.

All that being said, I did happen to catch the new “Hawaii Five-0”. Perhaps I thought I would watch it and not like it. That it would disappoint my expectations, because I loved the old one. It was really fun. If shooting, killing, bombing and blood can be fun. When Jordan and I use to watch Law and Order SVU, we would look at one another and say, “can you believe we watch this, and we like it?” But H50 was filled with action, beautiful people, an enemy you knew they would defeat, and a happy ending. For me, everything is OK as long as there’s a happy ending. It’s funny because I can’t watch shows which are horror or too suspenseful. Twist and turns, make me anxious. And when I want mindless, I don’t want any tension.

Anyway, It is my hope that the shows I like will keep getting renewed. I could care less about the shows I don’t watch, duh, even if they keep gaining popularity with the public. Oh and all you have to know is that “Jersey Shore” is in the top Five for ages 12-34. Gee, I’m glad I’m not young. We’re just sayin’….Iris

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jsbx101 said...

Hi Iris, Dave's CC pal Jesse here. I have to agree on the TV shows and I guess we are kindred souls as your top 3 shows are my top 3, along with The Closer. Haven't a clue what The Event is about.