Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Bus

So there we were in Disney World. Not my kind of place because I can build a crowd of 50,000 (or more) but I never want to be in it. Anyway, we were fleeing from the herds but we left Jordan and Clare behind to fend for themselves, nice mothers, right. And when they were making their way back home, they met a balloon lady who was in a bad mood. Clare says that if you had to stand for hours on end holding balloons that, in the wind, kept hitting you in the face, you would be in a bad mood too. But that was not our problem. So they asked her a question regarding the trip back to the hotel. “How long does it take?” they asked. She answered with attitude. “It depends on whether the bus just got here or the bus just left” Whoa... Is that not a heady comment about whatever? I guess everything in our lives depends on whether the bus just got there or just left. Think about it. But not too long because I don’t want you to get a headache. Hey, maybe that’s the answer: one of them should just get on a bus—and not to campaign.

And in the realm of ‘whoa’, I hope that Senator Obama does not buy into the need to get ugly with campaign rhetoric or tactics. The back and forth is all the same. No one is listening anymore. I'm no genius (surprised), but there's no need to demonstrate that you’re tough by being ugly. It's much simpler than that. He needs to turn her rhetoric around. To use what she said as part of the reason he should be President. "My opponent says I have no experience but then says I can be her Vice President – only a heartbeat away. In guess she doesn’t think much of that office. Then her mouthpiece says I can get the experience by August – I guess experience doesn’t count that much. My opponent thinks that being inspirational is a bad thing. My opponent insists that her experience far outweighs mine.... How? My opponent has made many enemies and she thinks that by endorsing a Republican she will be elected-- what kind of judgment is that for a Democrat... a future President? And remember, I am in the lead. This is not a game of ladies first. My opponent is desperate because she thought this would be an easy election. She needs to learn something from me.... like how to get young people involved and create a new generation of Democrats.”

People would rather be uplifted than be uncomfortable. When Hillary talked about being proud to be running against a candidate like Obama, that worked. Undecideds liked her and voted for her. In my heart (yes,I have one but don’t wear it on my sleeve), I know it is important for the President to be tough. I want to believe it is possible for Senator Obama and Senator Clinton to remain civil while still being strong....We’re just sayin’ Iris.

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