Monday, June 06, 2016

Newt Next?

Here’s another take on all of this political hoopla.  Donald Trump is not having any fun anymore.  He has pushed the media as far as he can. Today he decided that the media are the racists and they should be called out by name.  My guess is that because he didn’t know the name of His African American he realized the value of calling out people by name.  It’s incredible that Mitch McConnell and all those Republicans who want to win regardless of cost, refuse to withdraw their support and admit that the guy is unstable and they made a mistake.

Except one. Newt Gingrich, with whom I hardly ever agreed, pretty much summed it up.  ‘Trump is a racist and he has made a terrible mistake.’  A story.  A few years ago when I was looking for people to write blurbs for my book, “So You Think You Can Be President”, (hey go buy the book!!!)   I ran into Newt and his wife at this breakfast place in Mclean, Virginia where political people hang out— mostly Republicans, but it is a place you can get grits.  Yes, I am from New Jersey so I know Taylor Ham, but I spent many years with Southerners so I do love grits, and am often heard saying, Yoa. That’s  y’all (“you all” ) the way people from the south say it.

Anyway, there we were at the Mclean Family Restaurant and Newt was sitting right nearby.  I don’t really know him but in Washington being a good pretender is a talent and a necessity. So I marched myself over and said that we had met when David was covering his campaign and I was writing a book and I’d love for him to do a blurb.  Without hesitating he said, “send me a memo” — which was far better than most anyone else did.  After a few days I got a note from him.  It said, “please send me the book so I know what I am endorsing”. Duh.  I sent it right away. The book is funny and bi-partisan (we go after everyone), but I didn’t know if he would actually write something.

This is what he wrote:  “At a time when Presidential campaigns have become too dull and the news media too negative, this book brings back the humor in thinking about politics and government—Mark Twain would have loved it.”— Newt Gingrich, author of the New York Times bestselling novel Pearl Harbor and Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works.

Here’s my latest theory:   Newt is looking pretty Presidential.  He has had the courage to call Trump what he is, a racist — even if he’s only doing it to get attention.  Put this all together. Donald is not having fun anymore.  He now knows running for President is hard because at some point people will not think he’s entertaining. He is not above saying, “everyone is picking on me, and no one is being fair to me, so I’m outta here.”  Now all those Republicans who actually endorsed him are feeling very stupid because winning at any cost shows a lack of character.  So who is there waiting to be anointed — Newt Gingrich. And can he beat Hillary?  Who knows,  but it’s more likely that Newt can than Donald will.  We’re just sayin’…Iris

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Willis Brown said...

I think you're on to something... I've always thought that Trump would come up with something beyond the pale so he could either jump, or get pushed... Keep up the wonderful work, Iris ! Skip