Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's the Season for Two-a-Day Blobs

It's been a long time (maybe two hours) since I yelled at the TV.  Hillary called out AP to say there were still primaries so let's be careful about declaring victory. The right thing to say.  Hope the presumptive nominee crap doesn't hurt her.  So why was I yelling? The media is just annoying.  Where did these people come from?  The guy who wears a sweater and flays his arms around polling info and the state of the election. He looks like a character on “The West Wing”.  Who, by the way, I liked a lot.  But this guy (I wish I could remember his name but his commentary is so silly, that his name is irrelevant). Sure there are a great many young people, and MSNBC (the Place for Politics, supposedly) calls them the "Road Warriors”, (an insult to the movie), but they came out of nowhere and have no ideas about the intricacies of Presidential politics. And truly, in this day ’n age, Road Warriors?  Road Warriors were the people stuck in a mid-west or westTexas city with a few bucks in payphone change, maybe some bills to cover a cheap motel, and the obligation to create a crowd of 5000 for a candidate who may or may not arrive in 48 hours.  No cell phones, no laptops, no ipads.  Just moxie and the will to make it work.  THAT was a Road Warrior.  Anytime you can dial up dinner being sent to your room from your YELP app, its probably a bit of an exaggeration to use the term “Road Warrior.”   By the way, what happened to Alex Wagner? She was smart and insightful and could hold her own with people way older than she. 

These political jobs should be about life, history, insights and subtleties.  It appears that only the pretty people, male and female have anything worth listening to. Yesterday I wrote about Steve Schmidt.  Who is a clear thinking, shaved-head,  insightful Republican.  While I may not agree with him on policy issues, it is a joy to listen to him because he has something  knowledgeable to say.  He’s clearly BEEN THERE.

Here's another thought. Hillary will be a big “first”.    Does she need her VP choice to be another big first, or should she look at someone who has been a governor from a much needed state who happens not to be a minority? I don't have an answer but if you are a strategist then you think about alternatives to every question.  In fact, if you are a member of the media, you should probably do the same thing… Look at all the possibilities, stay neutral and move out of your own way.

Anyway, the primary results should be most revealing. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Bernie. He, like Ralph Nader and many others who has never faced any scrutiny, has no idea what will happen when they start to look at his past and the controversy about his wife’s finances.  But he could be a spoiler and give the election to the Republicans.  In the words of team We're Just Sayin, he needs to sit down — and shut up….and I mean that in he nicest possible way.  We’re just sayin’… Iris

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