Saturday, June 04, 2011

Finally, a Reunion

The Reunion

Peppy: It's nice to see you too Rosie, although to tell you the truth, the 11 months was a nice break. I did miss the arguments and even the yelling, but mostly the love and laughter. Now we have an eternity to catch up. Where is everyone else?

Rosie: Moishe is waiting for you and he'll be here right after the services. Fritzie and Eddie and Sarah, Jack and Helen by the pool. You should see the pool, as big as the ocean. Milty is taking ballroom dance lessons. I think Lou and Joe are at the races - you know here they go on as long as you want. And you always win. Betty, is delegating tasks to everyone she meets. Sophie is baking. Helene is cutting coupons and Phil is painting. Mama and Papa, are just kvelling to have everyone back. You want to play cards?

Peppy: I never liked playing cards. I only did it to make you happy.

Rosie: Then you don't have to do it anymore. Here you can do anything you want. Just make a wish and poof, like that, you can do it. How was the funeral?

Peppy: Wonderful. The Rabbi was a little trouble, but the girls gave him a what for so it went without a hitch. Everyone was there. The whole family. They were all together-just like we wanted them to be. It was quite a spectacle.

Rosie: Of course. Did you think you would come here without a big send off.

Peppy: There were even six police cars and two motorcycle led the way with sirens blasting. I thought that was a nice touch. Did you have motorcycles?

Rosie: I thought the dust would aggravate my allergies. Do you think we did OK Pep. In our lives.

Peppy: I think we did the best we could. And weren't we lucky to have all those brothers and sisters, friends, nieces and nephews, children and grandchildren. There's going to be a musical. And you know what? We're all famous. By the way, did you see what your kids put on your headstone.

Rosie: Sure, it was perfect. Did you decide that you wanted on yours?

Peppy: I told Iris to put Rosie instead of Rose -that's what on your birth certificate.

Rosie: You looked at my birth certificate.

Peppy: What do you think? I wanted to know who was really older. Also I told Iris what I wanted and I hope my kids listen.

Rosie: So? It's a secret?

Peppy: No, everyone knew I was a beloved sister, wife, daughter, aunt, great aunt, grandma, great grandma and friend. I just want to make sure they know... I had a wonderful life.

I'll play some gin while we're waiting for everyone.... if you want.

They're Just sayin... Iris


Jkb said...

Although not normally fond of crying openly on airplanes, I'll make this one exception.... Spot on mommy... <3

Anonymous said...

Very comforting to know they are all to together and being so nice to each other......Aunt Sally just called me for the Kreplach recipe....I said oh...I'll call Aunt Peppy...............and then I cried!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

Just what I needed to read upon my return to Sharon. Thank you Iris, for helping me to smile through the tears.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I can hear them talking... you captured it so..I'll read it over and over again just to hear their voices

love you,

Anonymous said...

It's been almost 20 years since I was an official member of the family. Any yet, as I read your post, I can hear the two of them just as if I were there. Amazing women. Amazing family. They still live on in the legacy they left behind.

Anonymous said...

SRKA said...this makes it all so perfect, just like i imagined it would be.....Sweet tears are streaming down my face. Just knowing they are together and will be there for us, hopefully in the far far future, makes me feel safe.
Diverta nell'amore dell'Italia voi così tanto! She