Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bones, Gas, and Unattractive

For years, I refilled my Boniva prescription every month, because I knew that if I didn’t, my bones would fall apart. Like some TV skeleton, I would simply disintegrate before your eyes. Well not yours necessarily, but you get the picture. Last time I went to pick up the prescription , they said I had to pay my deductible so it would cost me $135 to fill a $35 prescription—which, if I didn’t have insurance would have cost about $175 without the deduction.

Anyway when I went today, the pharmacist said it would be $75. “Really,” I said. “For the last three years I paid $35. Why did it go up?” He said it was because the drug was now available in generic, so the price went up. “Wait a minute,” I said. “If there’s a generic wouldn’t they lower their prices?” Apparently not. But now the cost of the generic was – you guessed it.. $35. What the…? Otherwise known as “OH PLEEEEEZE!”

Gas is up to over $4 a gallon in most states. So here’s what I think—why didn’t the White House think of this as well. First of all the President hasn’t driven a car or had to pay for gas, since it was $1.89 a gallon. He and most of his policy wonks (who have lots of money, mostly in trust) cannot possibly understand what it means when a person needs to choose between, gas, food, and medication. All serious needs. However, if the President were to suggest that we are going to open areas for oil development or approve the pipeline through Canada—I can almost guarantee the prices of gas would drop. And not just drop—but drop significantly. We have to remember the gas and oil companies have had record profits, while the general public has had to swallow hard every time they make a trip to the pump. It’s amazing, but when the supermarket I shop at gives me (as a reward for loyal buying) 10c, 20c and maybe even 90 cents off a gallon, I think I’m the luckiest person in the universe. And when gas is at $3.50, as opposed to $4.07, I am thrilled by how “inexpensive” the fuel is…. Well what more do you need to know?

Was that enough whining for tonight?

The other night I was out to dinner with my very cool adorable young cousin. I was facing in and my cousins were facing the door. At some point, one of them said, “this is the ugliest crowd I have ever seen in one place.” I didn’t need to be facing the door to know it was true. There was ugly everywhere. It didn’t matter if you faced out or in or upside down. And the thing that was amazing was that the “ugly” was intentional. The people actually dressed themselves to be unattractive.

My son by choice, Alex, and I have spent hours and hours doing fashion commentary about people we see on the street. He is so much better at it than I am, but he’s younger and seemingly not intimidated by everyday niceties. So the other day when were were walking on 3rd Avenue, there was a woman who’s outfit screamed critical evaluation – otherwise known as critical Assessment - or ‘welcome to the real world.’

There she was, big as life, walking right in front of me, in her metallic blue stretch pants. Don’t misunderstand, I adore anything glittery or metallic. But, I also know what I (and other people) should be wearing to compliment their bodies. The blue metal did not work on this young woman. And, if she would have looked in the mirror, (I hope) she would have realized how (I’m going to be kind), unlikely she looked in them. Yes, I meant unlikely because it’s unlikely that she looked in the mirror.

Anyway, my everyday clothing is sweats, a t-shirt and often a schmata (tied in a little bow) in my hair. So I am probably not entitled to evaluate what other people wear. But at least I know when I look good and when I’m not trying. And truthfully, I do clean up very nicely. We’re just sayin’....Iris

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