Thursday, November 30, 2006

And, to La La Land

When Jordan was little Mel Harris, a wonderful friend, Actress and most importantly, Jersey girl, sent us the most wonderful musical cassette. It was some young man singing 15 lullabys using Jordan’s name. You see these in the baby magazines, probably novelty catalogues and at street fairs in NY. They are personalized songs for children. We have heard numbers of them but none are in the same league as far as quality and poignance. The best thing about this tape was that it came from Kleenex, and you could only get it if you bought enough Huggies or other like products. The cassettes were such nice baby gifts that sometimes I found myself sneaking into supermarkets and clipping the coupon which provided enough points to make the purchase.

"Little Jordan come to bed, close your eyes lay your weary head, on the pillow..."

Other times I was forced to buy the required products and since Jordan was far beyond diapers, I left praying Kleenex would delve into the feminine hygiene area. Jordan listened to it endlessly – as did her parents. And then a terrible thing happened. Huggies stopped the promotion. But luckily, we had copied it four or five times in order to avoid having to replace it if, God forbid, it got lost or damaged or the Corporation found a more lucrative way to suck in the consumer—which, of course, they did.

The songs all sounded pretty much the same. Some started with “Little Jordan lay your head” some exclaimed the benefits of dreamland, and many just said (in any number of lovely ways) OK kid the day is done and you should be as well. David and/or I would get in bed with her and begin to sing along with her lullaby tape, and before we knew it we were fast asleep and Jordan would be begging us to get up and give her more room. Even today when I hear the music, my eyes close immediately and I’m out cold. We would never listen to it when we are driving or operating heavy equipment because it works faster than an Ambien.

Anyway, I have always thought that when Jordan or Seth went quickly and peacefully to sleep, they went to La La Land. In fact, the only time the that LLL was not the immediate destination was when they lost a tooth. Seth despised the Tooth Fairy. It terrified him. So he would leave his tooth outside his room and stay up all night to make sure the Tooth Fairy didn’t come through the door. Jordan, being Jordan, wrote or dictated a lengthy letter to the Tooth Fairy listing all her requirements for an exchange of the precious ivory. Then she waited up all night to see if the Tooth Fairy followed directions. My kids were constantly colorful and remain so as adults.

I have always loved the concept of La La Land. It seems that sending someone to a terrific sleep destination is much more sensible than advising relaxation exercises or short term meditation. For us La La Land was kind of like OZ when Dorothy opened the house door after her near fatal adventure in the sky. But this morning the doctor at the hospital where my mother was taken yesterday, described her condition as being in La La Land. It was a bit off putting, even frightening. And it was hardly a medical approach to describing that she was delusionary, but that’s what he meant. I am praying that my mom’s trip is short and that she comes back as her feisty funny self. But I started to think about an eventual trip to La La Land, one that I might take – or you, and whether I would want make the journey. Or would I rather watch myself deteriorate, be fully aware of the loss of mobility, recognize my limitations, suffer the pain and yet be totally cogent. Or would I choose to get my ticket for a spectacularly beautiful La La Land where all my good memories were in tact, and it didn’t matter if I knew who was coming and going because I was perfectly content to know only that this is where I resided forever. It seems not much of a choice for me. We’re just saying...Iris


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just listened to my personalized lullabies was so nice and made me feel very relaxed. It's a great tape to listen to when I need a break or I don't feel well.

-College Freshman

Anonymous said...

i had this tape too. i lived across the street from the man who sings on it. he told me he made the tape special for me, and when i found my friends tape later i knew he had fibbed! i love this tape though, and would love to find another one since I lost mine!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the man was that sang it? My 21 and 22 year old kids had them and would like them for their children (as would I) but those tapes had really special songs, not just the run of the mill lullabies.

Nilemara said...

My little sister had a copy of this tape. I loved thinking about "Benny Badger and the Bear, Leo Lion, and the Lioness, and the Tortoise and the Hare"...

Are there versions of this tape posted anywhere on the web? I'd love to hear these songs again.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking for this tape for my children. I called Huggies and they told me that the company that produced these tapes went out of business. If anyone finds out anything, please post it. Thanks.

Anonymous said... a year ago I found a website that you could get those lullaby tapes/cds at, and now I cannot find it anywhere. I still have my tape..but I would love to have it on a cd so I don't have to keep this ancient boom box with a tape deck in my room, hah. I'm 21 and I swear, I STILL turn that tape on when I can't sleep :)

Diana said...


I have been trying to find this cassette for ages.

I would listen to this tape before bed almost every night, and when I was feeling nostalgic several years later.

Have a hankering for it now.

This is the only page I've been able to find when I've been searching for it that has been relevant! So Thank you for this post!

Hoping still to find it

Anonymous said...

Please tell me if this tape can be found anywhere. I got one for my son, who is now 23, and he's been asking me for it. I have been looking all over for it. Can anyone help out there??

Anonymous said...

I still have mine but I too want one for my daughter. I really like this particular music I wish there was something out there similar.

Kaela Harmon said...

Hmmm, so I'm wondering if anyone ever did find out where we can get copies of this tape. I loved this tape as a kid and while it is long gone, I have been trying to find a new one to this day.

Leslie T said...

I had this tape for my son Alex. Still makes me cry to think about it even though he's 21 now. My daughter just had a baby which made me think of it again. Someone should post the words to the songs I only remember parts.

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

I'm looking for the music too. My tape just broke and I'm so upset, so if ANYONE finds anything, PLEASE post it on here. As for the lyrics, I'm sure some of you would love them. I found this from a different site...

1) What a day you've had, Kimberly my child. Full of fun and games, Kimberly my child. And all those moments in your day, make you who you are, Little Kimberly, my child. See the stars above, one shines on you. You can feel the light, oh warm goodnight. And when you close your eyes to sleep, your star shines so bright, Through the night. It's time to go to Dreamland, once again, And sail beside the rainbow, to the end. I'll be with you, the whole night through, and welcome the morning sun. What a day you've had, Kimberly my child. Full of fun and games, Kimberly my child. It's time to go to Dreamland, once again, And sail beside the rainbow, to the end. I'll be with you, the whole night the through, and welcome the morning sun. I'll be with you, the whole night through, so Kimberly, let's say, goodnight. Goodnight Kimberly.

2) Kimberly, Kimberly, It's time for bed now. Kimberly, come along now. Little Kimberly come to bed, close your eyes, lay your weary head, on the pillow. A Fairy Princess came to me, and said there's something you should see tonight in your dreams, so Kimberly tie your wings. And sail away, to Neverland, where Jack and Jill, and Peter Pan will be waiting for you. I don't know but I've been told, it's a land of children never older than two or three, just wait and see. After such a busy day, it's high time you were on your way to dreamland. Now your heart is pure and gay, but you'll grow up and far away, to never be young again, never be young again. Before you know you've been our way, the sun will bring you a brand new day, through your window. And all the things your eyes will see, and all you'll do and all you'll be is awaiting you, so if I were you, I'd sleep, sleep, sleep. Kimberly, close your eyes now.

3) There comes a time in every day, when Mother Nature has to say, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. All her children need their sleep, their tender souls the Lord will keep, tonight, tonight, tonight. So Kimberly close your eyes, and drift away. And journey down to sleepy town, the moon will light the way. And they'll all be there, Benny Badger and the Bear, Leo Lion and the Lioness and the Tortoise and the Hare. And then one by one, we'll say thank you to the sun, and greet the moon, cause very soon, you'll be fading away. Hear the wind, it whispers soft and low, Kimberly climb aboard, and off we go, tonight, tonight, tonight. The waves roll gently on the sea, the voices singing quietly, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. And as the stars climb high into the sky, the children of the world will dream, so Kimberly don't you cry. Cause they'll all be there, Benny Badger and the Bear, Leo Lion and the Lioness, the Tortoise and the Hare. And then one by one, we'll say thank you to the sun, and greet the moon, cause very soon, you'll be fading away. Hear the birds sing, goodnight, hear the kittens say goodnight, hear the wind say goodnight, goodnight. Sweet dreams Kimberly.

Marissa said...

I cannot believe I finally found info on my tape! Huggies was NOT helpful when I emailed them on the matter, and I was heartbroken when they didn't give me a scrap of information. I was fortunate enough to locate my tape after misplacing it for a long time, and I immediately had my uncle transfer the audio to cd for me. The tape also listed this supposedly retired company on the bottom of its label. It's Personalized Song Co., Inc. I just had a question on how many songs are on it. Mine appears to have three:



"Good Night"

But you mentioned 15 on yours?

These lullabies are superior. Most heartwretching lyric is from "Sleep": Now your heart is pure and gay, but you'll grow up and far away, to never be young again, never be young again.

I'm 23 now. Wish I could have stayed with Leo Lion and the Lioness.

Allyson said...

if anyone would be willing to make a copy of their tape/cd for me, i would pay shipping both ways and send the blanks! it would mean the world to me, even at 23 y/o to have this, i lost my tape when i moved!

Anonymous said...

Can someone who has a CD of these lullabies post them to the internet so those of us who have lost our tapes can share in the joy with you??

Anonymous said...

My daughter will be 25 on New Years Eve and my other daughter will be 22 in September and these tapes bring back amazing memories. I would love to have one for my grandson and carry on the tradition. A few years ago my youngest daughter thought she misplaced hers and was heartbroken. I actually located the website and got her a CD and a cassette. She still listens to them at nearly 22. I have been searching to no avail but will keep checking on this site in case someone finds them. Thanks for the memories. I loved reading the words.

Kristina said...

Wow, I have been looking for one of these tapes forever! I had one once upon a time and it got old, it was very loved and well used!
I was wondering if you still have a copy, online or otherwise. I would love to hear it again even if it is Jordan and not Kristina, lol.
My sister and I have many, many good memories from my tape and those songs. I only wish my parents had copied mine like you did with Jordan's, good thinking! Although I don't think my parents realized what an impact that little cassette tape would have on my life.
If you want to, will you get back to me at desolatedenial @ aol . com ?

Newbery Pie said...

To anyone enduring a fruitless search for these wonderful vintage Huggies lullabies - email me a request because I will send you the audio files I have!! I refuse to make anyone pay me anything for giving you a piece of your precious childhood. It will have the name "Marissa" used in the lyrics, but I think thats not much to bypass.

Rachel O'Connor said...

This is my dad's lullabye. He started this Huggies lullabye because I couldn't fall asleep as a little girl. He wrote it for me. His friend is the one who sang it. After many years, my dad's company has now changed gears. They making personalized photo gifts now. I'm so sad he doesn't make these lullabye's anymore as I am having a baby any day and I had to BUY fake lullabies. Glad to see that other people enjoyed his lullabies.

JohnnyM said...

I received the tape as a child too and listened to it constantly. I think I even used to pretend it was my father singing to me -- he left before I could remember-- I wish I still had the tape or could get to new personalized tape or CD. That buggies lullaby tape will always be my favorite and I have no idea who Benny Badger is but he will always be stuck in my head as " one byyou one,we all say thank you to the sun and greet the moon."
I want my lullabies :-(

JohnnyM said...

My tape had the same exact three songs just looped on both sides. It's funny...I'm 23 as well and I think that was one or the single greatest gifts of my childhood.

And Nilemara,
I used to try and picture Benny Badger and the gang every night when I would listen to my tape!

Katie Jackson said...

OKay, so maybe I'm six years late on this, but I found some audio!

I cried.

Alicia said...

8 )

I think if my search for that old cassette tape yields results, I may invest in some software to transfer it to a cd. Hope it's still buried in that old tape box somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much to jessica and marissa! I found the songs on Youtube!


And one can find the others from that page too!

Anonymous said...

Found some on youtube :D

Anonymous said...

I have the tape converted to CD. If anybody needs a copy to be mailed let me know. 24 july 2013 said...

Is it too late to ask for a cd copy?? That would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how many people around my age are still attached to this tape. I used to believe that it was actually my daddy singing to me on the tape. I listened to it every night. Sometimes multiple times before I fell asleep. Even now at 27 I wish I still had it. The last time I remember seeing my tape I was in middle school. I played it for my nephew when he was a baby. I've moved so many times since then and I'm sure it got lost in the shuffle. I've been on a quest to find a replacement for almost 10 years now. :( Hearing the songs even now comforts me.